Alluring Androids, Robot Women, and Electronic Eves

Maria from Fritz Lang's film METROPOLIS

Julie Wosk's new book explores the world of female robots and androids in film, photography, art, and the work of today's robot-makers and video game designers.
These artificial females can seem like delightful scientific wonders and yet mysterious creatures too. Are they alluring or alien? You decide.

Selected Works

Originally published by Rutgers Univesity Press, this ground-breaking book illuminates the dramatic and sometimes dramatic impact of the Industrial Revolution and new mechanical inventions on the natural environment and human lives. Chapters on human-machines (automatons), trains, ornamented steam engines, design, and more.
Images of Women and Machines (including automobiles,airplanes, bicycles, Rosie-the-Riveter war work, household machines, and more) in art, photography, advertising, and other visual images.
Third Book
Images by artists reflect the dramatic impact of industrialization and new machines on nineteenth-century American and British society. Includes chapters on nineteenth-century design (ornamented steam engines, sewing machines, ornamental cast iron, electroplated silverware, and more).