Alluring Androids, Robot Women, and Electronic Eves


Julie Wosk is a member of the Speakers in the Humanities Program sponsored by the New York Council for the Humanities and she is funded to present talks on "Alluring Androids and Robots in Film, Photography, and Art" to non-for-profit organizations in New York State. To arrange for her lecture or for more information, see or to arrange for her lecture elsewhere in the United States, contact Dr. Wosk.

Selected Works

Originally published by Rutgers Univesity Press, this ground-breaking book illuminates the dramatic and sometimes dramatic impact of the Industrial Revolution and new mechanical inventions on the natural environment and human lives. Chapters on human-machines (automatons), trains, ornamented steam engines, design, and more.
Images of Women and Machines (including automobiles,airplanes, bicycles, Rosie-the-Riveter war work, household machines, and more) in art, photography, advertising, and other visual images.
Third Book
Images by artists reflect the dramatic impact of industrialization and new machines on nineteenth-century American and British society. Includes chapters on nineteenth-century design (ornamented steam engines, sewing machines, ornamental cast iron, electroplated silverware, and more).